Breastfeeding – particularly after two or three months – is regarded in France as something akin to drinking your own urine. Strange foreigners may do it, but that is no reason a nation brought up to idolise Liberté in the form of Marianne’s perfect breasts should. As a gynaecologist reminded a friend of mine the day she confirmed her pregnancy: “Your breasts are for your husband, not your baby.”

This entire article deserves to be read from top to bottom.

France, the nation that claims to be liberating Muslim women from the “oppressive” and “male dominated” religion of Islam and its hijab and burqa, actively maintains the cultural belief that breasts are only for sexual pleasure and not for feeding infants!

The hypocrisy is staggering. We are oppressed yet French women are repeatedly degraded into mere sexual objects and are even held accountable for their husbands’/male partners’ infidelity.

Please take criticisms against Islam from these same misogynistic societies with a grain of salt.