I will never forget the first time I saw a woman in full hijab. I was inside a shop and happened to look toward the door as she and two other women entered. She was completely covered from head to toe, to the point that not a single pore or hair was visible to the onlooker. Then I saw her white cane, and the white canes of the other women with her.

Here was before me a woman with a condition the vast majority of the world considers to be a defect, but she took the khair (good) from it. Her inability to see gave her an opportunity I may never have – to worship Allah subhaana wa ta’ala by being completely covered in public.

At the time, I was wearing a scarf with jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt. I knew this wasn’t correct, but I kept making excuses for myself. “I’ve only been Muslim for a short while. I’m not ready to wear baggy clothes. My family will find me extreme if I dress ‘like an Arab’.” After seeing this sister’s amazing taqwa in action, I immediately started moving towards more and more modest clothing.

Today I’m still not in full hijab (what many people mistakenly and awkwardly refer to as niqab + abaya + gloves), but I am getting closer alhamdulillah. Sometimes I find myself slipping backwards, then I remember that still unknown to me sister and I press myself forward, for the sake of Our Creator. After all, He subhaanahu wa ta’ala has blessed me with so much, how can I refuse to obey His commands?