Ponder this:

If societies see women dressed in a particular way as automatically “oppressed” or “forced”, then all that proves is the onlookers believe women are powerless and incapable of thinking/deciding for themselves.

In other words, the ones who see women in hijab/niqab/abaya as being oppressed by default are the misogynists.

Because, and now ponder this carefully, women who always need saving are completely helpless and unable to determine their own future or secure their own safety. That’s what these people are saying. Women are completely powerless victims, capable of being brainwashed by merely listening to male opinions, incapable of thinking for themselves, and therefore we must decide for them what to wear.

Never mind completely that Western Fashion is an almost exclusively male dominated industry. Which means that they are telling women to stop taking orders from men on what to wear by referring them to a dressing system based on men telling women what to wear!

Let that sink in….