Two white, nominally Christian men (both past 50 years of age) groomed a thirteen year old girl for sex by buying her McDonalds etc, then after gaining her trust forced her to watch pornography, tied her to a table, and gang raped her.

One man was sentenced to prison for a mere 19 years and the other a paltry 16. 

Newcastle May 2010 Creative Commons Gavin Lynn
“Molest in England….” Photo credit: Banner at demo in Newcastle, May 2010 (Gavin Lynn/Creative Commons)

Two questions:

  1. Where is Britain First and the EDL to denounce this heinous violation of a young woman as well as the courts for not giving proper sentencing to victims of sex grooming? Why is sex grooming and rape only a crime worthy of protests and bigoted social media posts when committed by men who are nominally Muslim?
  2. Why are the religious beliefs of the convicted rapists not even mentioned in the article?

The answer to both questions is “hypocrisy”.  It’s so much easier to blame pedophilia and rape and other endemic problems found in the UK and other Western countries on immigrants than it is for these nations to take responsibility for their own problems and actually do something about them.