Yes, we know. You found a really cool image of women in some “backwards country full of dirty Moozlums”. It shows Muslim women from about 50 years ago in short skirts etc. The genius people who made these memes juxtaposed these liberated looking women next to images of women in niqab or burqa or even hijab.

The thing is, these memes are intellectually dishonest. Lots of the Muslim world back then had populations in secular dress because foreign countries were enforcing/supporting secular and/or communist regimes all across the Muslim world.

So to showcase how women in these countries “used to be liberated” is ridiculously untrue. Many of these same regimes were absolutely brutal, squelched freedom of speech, imprisoned people seen as political dissidents, and so on.

As to how these women “went backwards” again, many parts of the Muslim world rebelled against this Colonialism by going back to their Islamic roots. Therefore, the reveiling of Muslim women is a direct response to Imperialism. So if you want to blame anyone for women reveiling themselves, let me point you to France, America, the USSR, and their pawns in the game of “who can control the oil”.

The irony of these memes is that if Muslims invaded America and forced women to veil, the same people posting these memes would be up in arms. But here you are celebrating the Western invasion of foreign lands and their populations being forced into Western clothing, and blaming Muslims for returning back to their religion and religious code of conduct.

Oh and here’s an image of a Coptic Christian Egyptian woman in full niqab, just to make you feel even more uncomfortable.

coptic woman niqab

Further Reading: A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence, from the Middle East to America by Dr. Leila Ahmed