Two thoughts about this:

1) If France wants to police what women wear that is fine, but they absolutely MUST stop with their “liberte fraternete” nonsense. They are not pro-Freedom. They are secularocracy. (I just made that word up.)

2) The West saw deficiencies in how they approached sex and sexuality (the Victorian era was extremely repressive), and sought to correct these deficiencies by taking from other cultures (cultural appropriation). Unfortunately this threw out the baby with the bathwater, as women dressing provocatively is not the solution for a society so sexually repressed that even sex with one’s legal spouse is seen as shameful and disgusting. To this day in the West, women are still judged for wanting sex, enjoying sex, and for dressing in a sexual manner in public. Very little liberation came from this transition, unfortunately.

Colm Gillis Author

France has recently decided that women must bare their flesh at the beach. No burkinis allowed. Not my idea of liberty but hey, France is a sovereign nation and I don’t have to go there.

The rationale for the banning of the burkini seems to be that it is a foreign and alien importation into France, an impurity introduced into France’s pristine secularism. The burkini is a play on the burqa (worn by Pushtuns indigeneous to Afghanistan and Pakistan) and the bikini. Bikinis are now (presumably) supposed to be compulsorarily worn by women at French beaches – whether they like it or not. But how French, or indeed how Western, are bikinis?

A hundred years ago in Europe, men and women covered themselves when going to the beach. Women covered themselves up fairly thoroughly going just about everywhere, save for perhaps balls and banquets and even then there were exhaustive…

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