Taken from Bu Adnan’s Facebook Page:

Dear France,

You are a disgrace and your alleged liberté, egalité and fraternité is as rotten as your 400 different types of cheese. Recently, you pointed pepper spray at a Muslim woman and forced her to strip publicly on a French beach. You seem to have a problem with Muslims on your national territory.

I would kindly remind you that you came uninvited to roughly 9 Muslim majority nations during your colonial heyday. You stole, you stripped, you fleeced entire Muslim populations and did your best to divorce them from their culture and language. 70 years ago you were so pussyfooted and incapable of fighting yourselves out of a wet paper bag that you relied on drafted Muslim soldiers, your same colonial subjects from Africa and the Maghreb, to help you out against the German stranglehold over France. 9 years later you denied the Algerian yearning for freedom and forced the Algerian hand into a horrendous war of independence to throw you out. You bled Algeria dry, raped Muslim women (again with the stripping) and destroyed families and an entire nation.

Post-French colonialism, you still continue to racketeer your former colonies for their financial worth in a carefully planned scheme whereby you conceded to independence in exchange for “14 former African colonies placing 65% of their foreign currency reserves into the French treasury, plus another 20% for financial liabilities. This means these 14 African countries only ever have access to 15% of their own money! If they need more they have to borrow their own money from you [France] at commercial rates!
Believe it or not it gets worse. France has the first right to buy or reject any natural resources found in the land of the Francophone countries. So even if the African countries can get better prices elsewhere, they can’t sell to anybody until France says it doesn’t need the resources.” (thisisafrica.me/france-loots-former-colonies/)

What kind of role do you think these policies play in creating the sort of weak economies that force citizens of your former colonies to seek livelihoods and opportunities elsewhere? Since many of these same people come from countries where you outlawed or subjugated the use of their native languages in favor of your own weird sounding language (a policy that continued on post-colonialism thanks to the self-hating, mentally colonized native gentry that you carefully cultivated), many have no choice but to seek jobs or better opportunities for their children in the only place they have any sort of link with, you, France.

You were plenty happy to have these blacks and Arabs in Paris and elsewhere in the 60s, working in your factories, staffing your hotels, washing your dishes, sweeping your streets, cleaning your offices afterhours. You stashed them away in the ghettos; in massive housing projects – out of sight out of mind. Poor, disconnected, obscure and on minimum wage. If any of them managed to get an education, you turned them down for a decent job because they were too dark or had the wrong name. Too French for Algeria and Morocco and too Arab for you, what are they to do? Go back to their pilfered countries that you continue to steal from or stay on in France, country of their birth, marginalized and dead-ended? With not a whole lot of choice, a lot of them have turned to religion.

Recently, you’ve started to freak out at their sheer numbers. And because you and your fellow Europeans are so terrified of reproducing and having children, and the Muslims are not, you’ve become alarmed at the growing visibility of practicing Muslims on your national territory. You refuse to issue permits for new mosques or for the expansion of existing mosques, and then rail at the masses of kneeling worshippers spilling out onto the pavement from overcrowded prayer rooms on Friday afternoon making French city streets look like Tangiers and Oran. You have no problem prancing around in bikinis on Malaysian beaches or attending an all night rave in southern Thailand, oblivious to the raised eyebrows of scuffed sensitivities of these majority Muslim regions. But don’t for a single minute think that any local Muslim would point a can of pepper spray at you for wearing that bikini. Perhaps they should.

In reality, all that is negligible. But this is not: you, France, are a country that was happy to wine and dine and spread its legs for SS officers in 1940, and then subsequently sign off on the German rosters of Jewish citizens, FRENCH Jewish citizens, to be jammed into cattle trains for some sinister destination in the East. After your American military bailout, there was much boohoo about all your French Jews who you allowed to be murdered. Your cities, towns and villages are littered with plaques, and busts and small monuments commemorating the families that were arrested, deported, shot, disappeared and murdered with knowing and willing French collusion. It is reprehensible and disgusting that the sort of behavior and loathing that allowed that to happen has returned full force into your darling republic, once again aimed at a minority religion with Semitic roots.

Your hubris is repulsive as is your negligence and lack of vision. No intelligent human being can blame you for the colonial crimes of your grandparents. But you are blameworthy of being the petty, myopic, self-absorbed Republic that you always seem to have been.