Why I don’t unveil myself….

Remove my scarf, shake off the oppression of men….

But if I remove my scarf…

My body becomes public domain….

Your hairstyle makes your face look too fat, wear some concealer to cover those flaws, try some anti wrinkle cream, are those white spots on your nails, a little bit of lip gloss will make that pout stand out, you have a high waist so don’t wear belted things (ignore that men still dominate the fashion industry and you cannot defy their decrees) wear an underwire bra to hold your breasts higher, in fact…

Here’s some Spanx, a padded bra, control top panty hose, false eyelashes, get some highlights and some lowlights, some hair extensions, bleach your teeth, fake nails will make your fingers look longer, try a waist trainer (ignore the difficulty breathing and eating as it displaces all of your organs because it’s a corset with a new name)…

While we’re at it, get breast implants, a nose job, some Botox would do wonder for those wrinkles on your forehead you earned while using your brain, eyebrow implants, labiaplasty, a nasty chemical originally intended for people with glaucoma will make your eyelashes grow longer, wear these six inch high heels – the damage done from your toes to your head is worth having a sultry walk and longer looking legs, oh and use this chemical that releases formaldehyde in the air to keep your hair straight….

Isn’t that better? Don’t you feel more authentic now?

Aren’t you happy we freed you from the patriarchy?????