A male journalist named Dave Hon recently wrote an editorial titled Why I’ll never date a feminist. In it, he explains why he changed his mind from the position that he could be in a relationship with someone with opposing political views to the position that it is unhealthy for his emotional well being.

Guess what the reaction has been from the feminists who commented on his article. Was it:

  1. Disputing his argument with facts
  2. Disputing his argument with anecdotal evidence
  3. Disputing his argument by pointing out any logical fallacies it contains
  4. Cyberbullying

If you guessed Cyberbullying, you are right:

I know what you’re thinking, right? They were just poking fun and, of course, if someone came and reminded them that they shouldn’t be judging Hon on how he looked but rather on what he said, they’d wake up and apologize. Right?



But is it a “fraudulent moral high-ground” when  feminists themselves actually call it misogyny when a man ignores what a woman says or does because of how she looks:

The world has two sets of standards — women are treated like property and men are treated like they can do no wrong. No matter what a man looks like — fat, skinny, tall, short, brown, yellow or green, he isn’t judged by what he looks like. He is judged by the measure of his merit. Why can’t we expend the same courtesy to our women?

Hon was actually interviewed by New York Daily News about the massive cyberbullying he was subjected to. This is what he had to say:

“I expected some backlash among my local group of friends,” Hon said. “As a journalist, I always hope that what I create encourages debate.”

“For the record, I’m not emotionally fazed by any of this. I’ve been bullied before. You’re just proving my point”.

Again, feminists like these are the people who are trying to save Muslim women. Let that sink in.