American media reduces hijab down to a mere headcovering.

The general public, largely uneducated in Islam (and this includes many Muslims), buys into the concept that hijab is just a scarf on the head.

Americans ask Muslims how they could allow a bunch of Muslim men telling Muslim women that they’re worth nothing without a cloth on their head.

Muslims start reacting in silly ways:

  • I’m not oppressed!
  • Look at how fashionable this scarf is!
  • This scarf is part of my culture!
  • The Qur’an never says I have to put a scarf on my head!
  • Why don’t men have to wear a scarf on their head!
  • My hair is not sexual!
  • Hijab is just men enforcing their rules on women!
  • Anything you can do I can do backwards and in a hijab!
  • You’re so right, I’m taking this off right now

Meanwhile, how many people have been retrained to believe that an entire act of worship that includes, amongst other things, covering the head, is merely an object that can be bought at any store?


We’ve lost the plot because we’ve lost the full meaning of hijab. Hijab is a complete way of life. It is not merely a scarf worn on the head. Until we stop and relearn what observing hijab really is (note that it’s an act of worship and not an object to be consumed), we are going to consistently fall prey to ridiculous arguments against our covering.